Christchurch post-MEETINGS 2019 famil announced

At the CINZ Update in Christchurch this week, Chief Executive Sue Sullivan announced a new initiative for MEETINGS 2019, with a post-MEETINGS familiarisation for 20 leading Australian PCOs and media to Christchurch. The event on 31 May to 1 June 2019 is being supported by Air New Zealand and will showcase Christchurch’s new city, including key new venues; the Christchurch Town Hall, Te Pae - Christchurch Convention Centre and new hotels.

“We have huge interest in Christchurch as a conference destination, and this MEETINGS famil will be an opportunity to bring Australian buyers with real business to experience the new city first hand, look at the new venues and meet the people who are making it happen.”

Sue Sullivan, Chief Executive, Conventions & Incentives New Zealand

The CINZ update was organised by the ChristchurchNZ Convention Bureau team and attended by bureau partners from around the region. Loren Heaphy, General Manager Destination at ChristchurchNZ introduced the presentations from CINZ’s Sue Sullivan, Tourism New Zealand Business Events, Leonie Ashford and Air New Zealand’s South Island Manager, Duane Perrott.

They shared insights into the lasting legacy impacts of business events, new market potential, new infrastructure and greater connectivity, including new direct routes such as Chicago from November opening up new possibilities for association business out of North America.