Christchurch secures 2018 Local Government conference

Christchurch has been announced as the host of next year’s Local Government New Zealand Conference. The conference is expected to attract over 600 delegates for a three-day conference held at Christ's College in mid-July. Hon Lianne Dalziel, Mayot of Christchurch, said the conference provided an opportunity to share the lessons learned from our experience and plan for the future.

"We're delighted to have been successful in our bid to bring the Local Government New Zealand conference to Christchurch. As a city, we have been on an incredible journey over the last six years and we have so many valuable lessons to share."

Hon Lianne Dalziel, Mayor of Christchurch

"Next year's conference also provides an opportunity for local authorities to join us in understanding the challenges we all need to face. Parts of our city mimicked in less than 60 seconds the impacts of predicted sea level rise over the next 100 years. A future threat has become a present-day opportunity to look at how we might tackle these issues with our communities, hopefully supported by central government guidance which recognises that it is New Zealand's coastline we are talking about."

"We also have an area four times the size of Hagley Park in what is called the residential red zone. Determining its future use creates the most incredible set of possibilities for our city and has re-engaged communities in reimagining the future. These are just some of the issues we're facing and we know our experience can provide valuable learning for others."

Ms Dalziel said the conference was also a chance to thank local government colleagues from around the country who supported Christchurch and surrounding districts throughout the earthquakes. Now it was also a chance for Hurunui and Kaikoura to acknowledge the more recent support.

“The support we all received was invaluable and we are indebted. I hope that every delegate will enjoy seeing the completion of so many of our projects."

ChristchurchNZ Convention Bureau Manager Caroline Blanchfield said that hosting the LGNZ conference was a vote of confidence in Christchurch.

"As a city we still have to find creative solutions to be able to deliver major conferences without the proper infrastructure so this is an exception rather than the rule to be able to host such a large conference in the central city."

Caroline Blanchfield, ChristchurchNZ Convention Bureau Manager