Christchurch tour operator expands double decker bus service to Auckland and Queenstown

Visitors to New Zealand’s most popular tourism cities will soon welcome a new attraction in the form of large red, classic, and new, double decker buses.

Hassle-free Tours, a Christchurch based and family owned tour company, is investing nearly $2 million dollars in a project to expand their city sightseeing double decker bus tours into Auckland and Queenstown from November 2017.

Mark Gilbert, owner and Managing Director of Hassle-free Tours, says this is the realization of a long-time dream.

“We have been successfully operating a similar service in Christchurch for more than 10 years now and we are excited to showcase our expertise, and genuine passion for city sightseeing, to Auckland and Queenstown visitors.”

Mark Gilbert, Owner and Managing Director, Hassle-free Tours

Around the world double decker bus tours are a popular way for people to explore new cities, but Mark believes you need more than a bus and great views to ensure a positive visitor experience. Hassle-free Tours source local guides to provide live, informative, and entertaining commentaries, rather than using a generic recorded service.

“A truly memorable tour is about more than just ‘seeing the sights’,” says Mark. “We are story-tellers. Our cities are filled with unique attractions and have a vibrant history. It is our job to share the ‘story’ of each city in a way that is both fun and factual.”

For non-English speaking passengers, multi-lingual commentaries will be available via an in-built GPS operated system. Languages will include Mandarin, Japanese, German and Spanish with the addition of a fun kid’s channel for families to enjoy.

To manage these new services Hassle-free Tours have purchased three brand new ANKAI open top double decker buses which have been purpose built to handle New Zealand road conditions and include the very latest technology and safety features. These new buses will operate in Auckland and Christchurch alongside classic 1960’s, open and closed top, London Routemaster buses from Hassle-free Tours original fleet.

“The predicted growth in tourism and increased pressure on our roads makes a double decker bus service a great solution to traffic congestion, offering higher seating capacity yet occupying less road space than a standard bus,” says Mark.

“We love the idea of combining our historic fleet with the new modern buses and are confident that our passengers will really enjoy both experiences.”

Mark Gilbert